In May 2010 the Peter Drucker Society of Europe with the support of EFMD launched the first “Global Peter Drucker Challenge” , an international essay contest for students, young managers and young entrepreneurs. The contest had the overarching theme “Continuity and Change – Balancing Innovation and Time-Tested Practices” designed to show the application or re-interpretation of Drucker’s way of thinking in the light of contemporary developments.

The response was overwhelming in number, the variety and breadth of topics, and by the quality of the submitted essays. A total of 214 essays were received from all over the world.

Winners of the Drucker Challenge Essay Award 2010


1. Florian Ramseger (DE)
"The Silver Lining of the Cloud"


2. Hermann Arnold (CH)
"Peter F. Drucker 2.0"


3. Eleanor Murphy (UK)
"Privatising Public Problem-Solving"


Places 4th to 12th

4. Chhavi Bhandari (IN)
"Striking a Balance - Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurship"
5. Misti Burmeister (US)
"Empower Teachers, Transform the World"
6. Gonzalo Huertas (AG)
"Informational Pluralism"
7. M. Linnenluecke (AU)
"Organizations, Climate Change and Weather Extremes"
8. Christopher Maclay (BG)
"The Challenge of Managing Social Innovation in the Aid Industry"
9. Ian Choo (DK)
"Solving the Central Problem(s) of Economics"
10. Sarah Green (US)
"Leveraging our Country's Problems to Become Great Social Innovators of Our Time"
11. Prasath P. (IN)
"A Three-Pronged Strategy for Achieving Effortless Organizational Transformation"
12. Joanna Stanberry (US)
"Wielding the Meeting"

Our Judging Panel includes

Stefan Gueldenberg

Stefan Gueldenberg
Dean of the Graduate School
University of Liechtenstein

Danica Purg

Danica Purg

John Peters

John Peters
CEO, GSE Research Ltd;
former Chief Executive at Emerald Group Publishing

Elizabeth Edersheim

Elizabeth Edersheim
Creator of ThEME,
Author "The Definite Drucker"