your eligibility

In order to participate in the contest, you must meet both the general requirements and essay category requirements.

General requirements

  • You must be 18-35 years old (inclusive of both ages)
  • You must have been selected no more than once (or not at all) among the top 10 since 2010

Essay category requirements
You can submit one essay to participate as either a student or a professional

Student category

  • You are a part-time or full-time student (bachelor, master, MBA, or PhD) or you are seeking your first opportunity after the completion of your last degree

Professional category

You are a

  • manager of people, projects, budgets, and/or processes
  • an entrepreneur or business owner
  • licensed professional
  • social volunteer or community leader

Keep to the essay format
for submission

Words1500 to 3000 (excluding footnotes and any graphics) as PDF or word document
Font size12 points


24 June at 16:00 CET (4:00 PM CET)


Your name must not be included anywhere in the essay


Entries must be produced exclusively by you (no group work) for the specific purpose of this competition, and must not have been published elsewhere

Topic-related questions

The suggested questions on the landing page are meant to trigger the thinking process, and not to be exhaustive. While you can write to one of these questions, you may also craft a question or topic of your own choosing that fits within the larger theme.

To submit your Essay

Go to SUBMISSION in the main menu, fill in the form and upload your essay.

In case you encounter problems with uploading, please contact
Technical Support:

Please note:

  • NO entry fees to be paid
  • Authors from all around the world are invited

Familiarize yourself
with the evaluation criteria

The jury will assess your ability to analyze, synthesize and produce a coherent and impactful essay, specifically

  • Your personal insights and original thoughts about the topic
  • Your story-telling style and ability to communicate fluently in English
  • Your research and citations of primary and secondary sources
  • Your understanding of Peter Drucker's contributions to management thinking and practice

About the Jury Process

Round 1 Icon

First Round

From the end of June through the end of July, an international committee of reviewers selected by the Peter Drucker Society Europe evaluates and attributes a score to each entrant's essay, based on the above essay evaluation criteria. The 20 entries in each category that receive the highest overall scores continue to the Second Round. Entrants will not receive any notice of essay status at the conclusion of this round.

Round 2 Icon

Second Round

From the end of July through the beginning of August, a sub-committee of expert reviewers nominates the 10 finalists in each category who will continue to the Final Round. For logistical reasons, the 10 finalists in each category may be notified of essay status at the conclusion of this round.

Round 3 Icon

Third Round

From the beginning of August, an international jury of renowned businesspeople and academics attributes a score to the 10 entries in each category, identifying the 1st place winners, 2nd and 3rd place winners, and the finalists ranking 4th through 10th. Shortly thereafter, the Final Round results will be published on this website and announced via newsletter. The winners and finalists in each category will be notified of essay status via email.

By submitting an essay to the Global Peter Drucker Challenge, you agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and you waive your right to any legal challenge or action in response to any such decision you deem undesirable or disagreeable.

Judging panel

Stephan G├╝ldenberg
Chair in International Management, University of Liechtenstein;
Vice President Practice, European Academy of Management (EURAM)

Piero Formica
Founder, International Entrepreneurship Academy;
Senior Research Fellow, Innovation Value Institute, Maynooth University, Ireland

Delphine Jumelle-Paulet

Julia Kirby
Senior Editor, Harvard University Press