When addressing the topic, the Drucker Forum abstract and the questions below may serve as a source of inspiration. 


  • What is your vision of an entrepreneur? What skills, characteristics and qualities do you see as most important in entrepreneurship?
    How can they be nurtured through society, education, and government?

  • What does it mean to be an entrepreneur today?

  • According to Peter Drucker "Entrepreneurship is not 'natural'; it is not 'creative'. It is work..". What is your experience or exposure to entrepreneurial ventures?

  • Can entrepreneurs create a better society or just better profits from uncovering opportunities?

  • Can entrepreneurs be better at addressing social needs than public services?

  • What is needed to launch a start-up in today‚Äôs business environment,
    make it successful and keep it alive?

  • How do you create an entrepreneurial spirit in mid-sized/large organizations
    and in public services?
    How can we better embed entrepreneurial thinking and action into business and society?

  • How can entrepreneurial management lead the way back to innovation
    and growth for our economies?

  • Will the successor of the welfare state be the Entrepreneurial Society?
    Your vision of the Entrepreneurial Society: What will it look like ten years from now?