The Challenge: Managing Oneself in the digital age

The human Side of technology

Beyond catalyzing changes in what and how we do, technology affects how we think. The internet, robotics, nano- and biotechnology, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence – are all technologies that raise fundamental questions about our identity, our sense of belonging, judgment, our moral responsibility, and …what it means to be human.




The worldwide spread of digital technology and the advent of intelligent machines lead to fundamental questions:

  • What makes us unique as human beings
  • What could human-centered management look like?

More than ever, technological advances need to be harnessed by individuals who are in tune with their own strengths and values in order to develop their powers of discernment, judgment and moral responsibility and to benefit humanity and society. This is even more true for Millennials, who have grown up in the earliest days of groundbreaking technological achievements, and are often called upon to create the future while managing their own lives.
A good starting point for understanding ourselves is Peter Drucker’s classic essay, “Managing Oneself.
(If you don't have a copy, you can find it here.)
We suggest that you read this piece and then craft your own essay from there.



Here are just some of the questions you might address:
please include concrete examples

  • How can we leverage the power of digital technology to strengthen human capabilities such as intuition, creativity and continuous learning?

  • How can we leverage technology for innovation and long-term value creation that recognizes and strengthens the unique human element and moves from rationalization to augmentation?

  • How do you see your own personal development in terms of skills, personality, career and expectations for your life, your search for purpose and meaning?
    Can technology help?
    Where might it pose pitfalls?
    Can you prepare for the type of skills required in 15 years from now?

  • If machines are getting smarter and smarter, what will management’s role be in the future?
    How can management capitalize on what humans can uniquely do?

  • How can we avoid drifting into purely technocratic mindsets?